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Ways to Report a Sexual Assault

There are 3 ways to report a sexual assault:



Call the Police

To report a sexual assault you can Call 911 or the Red Deer City RCMP Complaint line at 403-343-5575.

Depending on how recent the assault was police may attend the scene, take you to the hospital or request you attend the detachment to make a report.

Red Deer City Victim Services Unit may be requested by police to attend the detachment and/or hospital to provide you support, information and community referrals. If you are attending the hospital typically the Sexual Assault Response Team at the Red Deer Hospital will be providing the initial support.




Attend the Hospital


At the emergency department of a hospital, be sure to tell the triage nurse you have been sexually assaulted and/or you would like to see a SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) nurse. SART is a team of female Registered Nurses who have been trained specifically to care for people who have been sexually assaulted within the past 72 hours. SART nurses are available 24 hours a day, and usually arrive within an hour of being called.

By asking for a SART nurse, you are not automatically reporting the assault to the police. The SART nurse will ask you if you want to report to the police. If you do not want to report, the SART nurse will do a physical and genital exam to assess any injuries that may have occurred. She will also talk with you and help to determine your risk for sexually transmitted diseases, and if you are female, for pregnancy. If these issues are a concern, the nurse will discuss treatment options such as emergency contraception and medicines to combat sexually transmitted diseases. She will also give you information about follow-up medical care.

If you do decide to report, the nurse will call the police for you.




Attend a Police Station

You may also report a sexual assault by going to a police station and reporting the incident.

Red Deer City Victim Services Unit may be requested by police to provide you support, information and community referrals.




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