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What is Robbery?

A hand holding a switchblade in a dark alley.


Robbery is the taking or attempted taking of anything of value, by force or by threat of force, from the care, custody, or control of someone.

Armed robbery indicates that a weapon was used and is usually considered a more serious crime.

Robbery is a property crime, but it is also a crime against a person and qualifies as a violent crime even if no weapon is involved.


A robbery can be a frightening, life-threatening situation. How victims react to robbery varies from person to person. Although you may feel as if you are the only one experiencing these feelings and that no one else can understand what you are going through, remember that your reactions are normal.


Your reactions may be immediate and short-lived or delayed and long-lasting. You may feel vulnerable and believe that you have lost control of your life. Even though you did nothing wrong, you may feel guilt that perhaps something you did led to the robbery. You may feel intense sadness and grief over lost possessions.

You may fear that the robber will return. You may have nightmares or flashbacks about the robbery. You may find that you startle more easily at little noises or abrupt movements. You may feel nervous in some crowds or very suspicious of strangers. You may feel angry at the perpetrator. You may also be angry with the police and the criminal justice system for not doing enough.

Whatever your reactions, it is important for you to deal with and resolve your crisis in your own way and at your own pace. Not everyone reassembles his or her life in the same way or within the same time-frame. Many victims find it helpful to talk with others about the robbery and their reaction. As victims talk about the robbery, over time they learn to put the incident into perspective and begin to cope with its consequences.


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