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(Charges must be laid)

If you’ve suffered financial loss as a result of a crime, you have a right to seek restitution payment from the offender.


The judge is required to consider restitution in your case. If it’s not ordered, the judge must tell you why.

Restitution is a court order that requires the offender to pay you for any out-of-pocket losses directly relating to the crime, including:

  • Damage, destruction and loss of property
  • Bodily or psychological harm
  • Expenses incurred in moving out of the offender's house
  • Losses incurred by unknowingly purchasing or lending money on stolen property
  • Expenses incurred in re-establishing your identity, and correcting your credit history and credit rating, after identity theft

Restitution may also be sought from young offenders, but there are limitations. For instance, the judge may order young offenders to make restitution through other ways, such as community service, rather than paying with money.

RDCVSU can assist you in filling out this form.  Please return Request for Restitution form(s) to the RDCVSU or the RCMP detachment and it will be forwarded on to the Crown Prosecutor.

For more information, please visit the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General's website.


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