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A person who is convicted of an offence is given a sentence that requires the person to obey certain conditions.  Probation can be given in addition to a fine or a jail sentence.  The offender on probation will be under supervision.  If the offender violates the probation conditions, he or she must return to Court and may receive more serious consequences.  A violation of probation conditions can result in a new charge before the courts. 

Probation orders may have the following conditions:

  • Keep the peace and be of good behavior;
  • Appear in court when ordered by the court;
  • Tell the court or probation officer about any change of name, address or job.

In a lot of probation orders, the judge will make the offender report to a probation officer.  A probation officer is not the same as a police officer, but they do have the power to charge an offender with a criminal offence if they break their probation conditions.

Sometimes victims may also be faced with criminal charges or convictions and may need assistance not provided by RDCVSU. 


Please contact the following agencies for assistance.



       John Howard Society
of Red Deer
 Elizabeth Fry Society
780-421-1175 (Edmonton)



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