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Human Trafficking


In recent years we have become more aware of the crime of human trafficking.  Some people may think that human trafficking only happens in other countries or in other parts of Canada.  However, we know that Canada – including Alberta – is both a destination and a source of human trafficking.  Canadian citizens are users, suppliers and victims of human trafficking and Alberta is not immune.


Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery.  It includes the movement or control of people across or within orders, using threats, force, coercion or deceit, for the purpose of exploitation.  Under the umbrella of human trafficking there are two major forms of exploitation:

  • Sexual exploitation

  • Forced labour or other servitude

Human trafficking may occur within the borders of one country, or across international borders.


Alberta Coalition on Human Trafficking
Chrysalis Network


If you are a victim or suspect someone is a victim of human

trafficking please contact your local police


Red Deer City RCMP Complaint Line


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