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In cases where death is because of a criminal act such as a homicide, Red Deer City Victim Services is here to assist secondary victims (family, friends and/or witnesses).

When the death is the result of a crime, survivors must deal with all of the impacts of sudden death, and are also thrust into the criminal justice system without time to prepare. Like the grief process, the criminal justice process may be confusing and unfamiliar. Our staff is here to assist you through the criminal justice system process.

When a death involves a criminal offence, some survivors find that being involved with the criminal justice process prolongs their grief process because they must re-live the death as a case proceeds through investigation, hearings and trial and perhaps sentencing and contact with the criminal justice system.

As with victims of non-criminal sudden death, Victim Advocates may assist survivors at the time they are notified of the death, throughout the criminal justice process and even provide continued support once the matter is concluded in the courts.

The following resources may assist you in dealing with the aftermath of a homicide.



Victims of Homicide Support Society of Edmonton is a self-help group designed to offer emotional support and information about surviving the loss of a loved one to murder. 

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