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Family Issues

Family issues can occur between individuals who live in the same household or when relatives are in some kind of conflict or disagreement. Each family is diverse and so are the issues that can arise. There are many times people come into contact with Police when they are struggling to deal with family issues. RDCVSU is here to support you and connect you with local, provincial and federal agencies that may be able to assist you.


Aging Loved Ones

An Asian woman hugging her momDo you have a loved one who needs assistance? Are you the primary caregiver for an aging loved one?

The following websites may be of assistance:


Family and Community Support Services (FCSS)

FCSS provides funding to non-profit agencies, school boards and partner municipalities to deliver social services, supports or programs that meet the criteria of the FCSS Act.

Please see the FCSS brochure for complete details.


Red Deer FCSS

Red Deer FCSS 403-342-8100



Counselling helps citizens develop effective ways of dealing with problems and personal relationships, improve coping skills and gain confidence in their ability to solve future challenges.

Counselling 403-343-6400


Education Program

The Education Program is designed to increase the mental health and wellness of people with mental illnesses, their family members and friends, service providers or professionals and the community at large.

Education Program 403-342-2266


Family Services of Central Alberta

Family Services of Central Alberta operates a central place for resources. Provides support, counselling and play therapy for individuals, couples and families experiencing grief/loss. Groups on family life, divorce, active parenting, teen parenting and prenatal care are also available.

Education Program 403-343-6400


Legal Advice or Assistance

If you require legal advice or assistance on civil matters, in respect to your family, the following agencies may be of assistance:

Family Justice Services
Resolution Services


Shared Custody

Outreach Centre - Safe Visitation

Outreach Centre - Monitored Exchange Program

The Safe Visitation Program facilitates children visiting with the non-custodial parent, while the Monitored Exchange Program facilitates the safe transition of children from one parent to the other. Please visit the Outreach Centre website for complete details and information on these and other programs and services this organization offers


Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is a resource for divorced, separated or never married parents, providing visitation and child custody schedules, calendars, parenting plans and other co-parenting tools.






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