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Court Information

The RDCVSU provides information to victims regarding the Criminal Justice System and the status of their particular case, court proceedings and court dispositions.

RDCVSU will contact victims to provide the date of the first appearance and again if a trial date is set.

Unfortunately, RDCVSU is unable to call for every court appearance.

However, victims are welcome to contact the RDCVSU at any time and we can provide you with a court update.

In cases where charges are laid and court appearance becomes necessary, RDCVSU may contact you and offer court preparation and/or court accompaniment.

Note: There are several agencies in our community who also offer these services (Ex. Domestic Violence Court Case Project; Central Alberta Women’s Outreach; Central Alberta Sexual Assault Crisis Centre).

The following are some important facts regarding court:

  • Police lay a charge when there is "reasonable or probable" grounds
  • Civilians do not lay the charge therefore they can not withdraw the charge
  • The early stage of "Election and Plea" can go on for several months for various reasons
  • A Preliminary Hearing is an opportunity for the Crown to present some evidence to a judge who will determine if there is sufficient evidence to set the case down for trial. The accused can waive the Preliminary Hearing.
  • The victim will receive a subpoena if/when they are required for court
  • Those who receive a subpoena must attend court to testify, failure to do so may result in a witness warrant
  • It is common for a victim to meet the crown for the first time just prior to court
  • The Crown Prosecutor is NOT the victim's personal lawyer, rather he/she is the lawyer for "society" representing the victim's best interest as well as society as a whole



Travel Arrangements and Expenses for Court

Please contact the Court Clerk at the courthouse you have been subpoenaed to attend if you have questions about travel arrangements and expenses. For more information, dial 310-0000 and ask for your local courthouse.

Please see Alberta Courts under Victim of Crime Information for more information on Alberta Courts, Alberta Justice, Family Justice Services, Family Law Information and Law Information Centres.

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