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Court Preparation and Accompaniment

Court preparation and accompaniment are offered to victims to help them through the court process. This can include providing an explanation of the court process, assisting with completion of forms or sitting in court with a victim during hearings, arraignments, trials and other court appearances.

Court Preparation

RDCVSU offers court preparation to victims when a matter is going to trial. Victim Advocate(s) provide information on the court process, courtroom etiquette and how the Victim Advocate(s) can and cannot assist the victim. If the victim is also a witness, the Victim Advocate provides information on the the role and responsibilities of a witness.

Court preparation does not involve helping the victim/witness prepare to give testimony. That preparation may involve the police (so the victim can review the original statement made to the police) or the Crown prosecutor (regarding testimony in court).


Court Preparation Resource - Victim Services Alberta

Child Witness Court Preparation

RDCVSU advocates are available to assist in child preparation for court.

Please visit the Child Witness Court Preparation website for information to assist parents, teens and children.

Court Accompaniment

RDCVSU offers court accompaniment to victims when they want to attend court to observe the proceedings or when they are required to be in court as a witness.

After Court

RDCVSU can assist victims after a trial and after sentencing, in cases where the victim needs to interact with the Correctional System regarding the status or location of the convicted offender.

Victims must complete an application to request information about the offender. Someone other than the victim (such as a Victim Advocate) could obtain information on behalf of the victim.

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