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Abuse of Disabled

Abuse is a significant issue for people with developmental disabilities. Common types of abuse include:

  • Physical abuse (withholding food, hitting, pushing etc.)
  • Neglect (withholding help when required)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological or emotional abuse (verbal abuse, shaming)  
  • Constraint & restrictive practices
  • Financial abuse
  • Legal or civil abuse (restricted access to services)
  • Systemic abuse (denied access to an appropriate service due to perceived support needs)
  • Passive neglect (caregivers failure to provide adequate food, shelter etc.)

If you suspect someone is being abused in a publicly funded care facility (i.e. Hospitals, lodges, nursing homes, mental health facilities, shelters, group homes, addiction centers etc). please refer to the Protection for Person in Care Act.



If you suspect someone is being abused in a care facility please call


Protection for Persons in Care Reporting Line
1-888-357-9339 (Toll-free)



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