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Red Deer City Victim Services Unit

The Red Deer City Victim Services Unit (RDCVSU) was established in the fall of 1990. The unit is managed by the Victim Services Manager, who is a constable with the Red Deer City detachment of the RCMP. An Administrative Assistant, employed by the City of Red Deer, provides support to the co-ordinator and performs administrative and victim services functions.

The RDCVSU can help by providing support, information and referrals.



We  provide a listening ear, comfort and reassurance.

We will talk to you on the telephone, visit you in your home or at the hospital and accompany you to court, if necessary.




When you need information, we can be a direct resource, linking you to the justice system and to those handling your police file.

We can answer your questions about police procedures and the court system.

We can also provide resource materials and forms relevant to your needs and circumstances.


We will provide you with information on local services and agencies.

We can then help you decide which of these resources are the most appropriate to help you in your particular situation.



  • Emotional Support

  • Information about Alberta Victim Programs

  • Printed Resource Materials

  • Community Referrals

  • Court Updates

  • Court Orientation and Accompaniment

Our Advocates

Civilian volunteers, known as Advocates, are recruited from Red Deer and the surrounding area. These Advocates make up the bulk of the unit and perform all of the duties related to victim services, including referral to appropriate agencies, assistance in completing applications for financial compensation or restitution and assistance with court preparation and attendance. Volunteers at a Red Deer community event promoting the VSU program

Goals Of The RCMP Victim Services Program

  • Lessen the immediate impact of a crime on the victim(s). Volunteer advocates attempt to alleviate stress on the victim(s) by providing support, information and referrals during a time of crisis;

  • Help victims cope with the effects of crime by providing information on the following: their police file status, the court process and case disposition, Victim Impact Statements, police procedures, community resources, compensation application procedures (Restitution), and whatever else may be of help;

  • Focus on the prevention of further victimization through education on crime prevention techniques and provide encouragement to the victim(s);

  • Promote a positive liaison between police, victim(s) and the court system so that a better flow of information and support is created;

  • Provide ongoing public awareness through the promotion of existing programs;

  • Provide well-trained volunteers who are able to maintain the integrity of the program and ensure confidentiality for all contacts with police, victims and the public at large.

Our Commitment

RDCVSU has a history of providing a high level of personal assistance to victims in a professional and caring manner. There is a great demand for the work performed by our advocates and we are committed to maintaining this standard of service to those in need.

Mission Statement

The mission of Red Deer City Victim Services Unit is to provide highly skilled, professional and compassionate service to victims of crime or tragedy, through our dedicated staff and trained volunteers.

Our Victim Services Unit is police-based and works with the Red Deer City Detachment of the RCMP to provide support, information and referrals to residents of the City of Red Deer who are victims of crisis, trauma or tragedy.



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